Broken granite cobblestone 10x10x10 cm dark gray 100 mm skelts brugis

Dark gray pavement

Broken granite cobblestone 10x10x10cm dark gray (black).

Granite paving stones with declaration of conformity LVS EN 1342: 2013 (Natural stone paving stones (forged stones) for external paving – Requirements and test methods).

Dark Gray (Black) granite paving stone 10x10x10 cm (100x100x100 mm).Thickness 10 cm (100 mm).





10 cm skelts bruģis
10 cm broken cobbles
Granīta rotācijas aplis
Rotating circle (broken granite)
100 mm skelts brugis
100x100x100 mm torn granite pavement
tumss granita brugis 10 cm
Black granite pavement
skelts brugis zagetas plaksnes
Broken granite
Melns akmens bruģis
Granite cobblestone 10x10 cm
peleks melns sarkans brugis
Dark gray granite
pelēkie granīti
Gray granites
melns sarkans granīta bruģakmens
Black red granite cobblestone
plēsts pelēks bruģis
100 mm torn stone pavement

Physical and mechanical properties

Parameters to be tested Testing methods Test results
Observed density EN 1936 3179 kg/m3
Open porosity EN 1936 0,34%
Water absorption EN 13755 0,11%
Bending strength under natural conditions EN 12372 19,1 MPa
Bending strength after 56 freeze / thaw cycles EN 12372 16,8 MPa
Abrasion resistance EN 14157 B method 1,3 mm
Slip resistance EN 14231  “dry”: corresponds

“wet”: corresponds

Compressive strength under natural conditions EN 1926 289 MPa
Compressive strength after 56 freeze / thaw cycles EN 12371 255 MPa
Destructive load EL EN 13364 3148N
Petrographic description EN 12407 Conform


Available stone declaration of dark granite pavement (black) .

This information is based on our current knowledge of laboratory tests and other sources of information. However, it does not provide a guarantee for a particular batch of stone and does not create legal force.