Broken granite cobblestone 10x10x10 cm yellow dzeltens granīta bruģis

Yellow granite pavement

Broken granite cobblestone 10x10x10 cm yellow.

LVS EN 1342: 2013 – Natural stone paving stones (forged stones) for external pavements. Requirements and test methods.

Granite palisades , stone road and sidewalk curbs , slabs for plinths and facades are available with broken yellow granite. Yellow granite is also used in the interior: stone surfaces , window sills , stairs ( stairs ), window sills strong>, floor coverings ( tiles ).

Granite pavement is available with sawn edges and broken surface , with sawn top and then fired with broken edges or completely sawn and the top surface burnt . The pavement with the burnt top does not allow the foot to slip, because the surface is rough. Also, a broken surface provides good grip.




bruģis 8 cm un 10 cm
Pavement 8 cm and 10 cm
dzeltena granīta apmale un bruģakmens
Yellow granite edging and cobblestone
akmens palisāde
Stone palisade
granīta ietve ceļs
Granite sidewalk road
granīta palisādes
Granite palisades
dzeltena granīta apmale
Yellow granite edging

Physical and mechanical properties

Indicative laboratory test results:

Bending resistance mechanism (aRer gelivity test, 56 cycles) 8.2 MPa
Compression resistance mechanism (after aRer gelivity test) 143 MPa
Water absorption at normal atmospheric pressure 0.4%
Abrasion resistance 17.5 mm
Slip resistance (dry-wet) Dry – 74USRV – Wet – 65USRV
Apparent mass 2620 kg / cm2
Porosity 1.0%

A declaration of conformity of the stone is available.

This information is based on our current knowledge of laboratory tests and other sources of information. However, it does not provide a guarantee for a particular batch of stone and does not create legal force.

Paving works

granīta bruģēšana
Granite paving
Bliete bruģet
Compact paving
bruģētājs granīts
Paver granite
bruģēšanas darbi
Paving works
bruģēšanas brigāde
Paving crew
bruģēšana ornaments
Paving ornament
labiekartošanas darbi granīts
Landscaping works granite
dzeltens granīta bruģis
Yellow granite pavement