Broken granite cobblestone 10x10x5 cm dark gray Šķelts granīta bruģakmens tumši pelēks 10x10x5 cm

Broken granite cobblestone dark gray 10x10x5 cm

Broken granite cobblestone dark gray 10x10x5 cm will last much longer than concrete cobblestone. When constructing roads, sidewalks can be used only granite pavement or combined with concrete pavement, which will not significantly increase the budget, but will significantly complement the landscaping design. Dark gray granite paving is available in different sizes. Granite pavement 5x5x5 cm, 10x10x5 cm is intended for the construction of sidewalks, where only pedestrians move. Pavement size greater than 5 cm in thickness, for example: 8x8x8 cm, 10x10x10 cm used in road construction and designed for the machine. Cobblestones with a thickness of more than 10 cm are used for the construction of rotating circles. The size of the rotating cobblestone can be 15 cm thick, for example (15x15x15 cm). When constructing sidewalks it is possible to use granite curbs 8x20x100 cm dark gray color. Larger curbs 15x30x100 cm with a slope of 3/12 cm are used for road construction.
Size mm 100x100x50 mm.
Granite paving stone with declaration of conformity LVS EN 1342: 2013

(Natural stone pavers (forged stones) for external pavements. Requirements and test methods) .