Broken sawn black granite cobblestone zagets plests brugis

Black pavement

Split sawn (broken surface and sawn edges) granite cobblestone 10x10x10 cm black (dark gray).

LVS EN 1342:2013 – Natural stone paving stones (forged stones) for external paving. Requirements and test methods.

The price of sawn and broken granite paving is slightly more expensive than the price of broken granite paving stone, because the production process uses more activities (sawing and splitting). The sawing process requires a diamond disc, electricity, water. When paving a road or pavement, pavers place blocks close to each other, resulting in more shaky ornaments and straighter lines. It is better to leave the seams between the granite blocks from 3 mm and fill them with crushed granite. The cracked surface will give a rough and good grip, as well as the most authentic look of the stone.


skaldits zagets brugakmens
Broken sawn cobblestone
skelts zagets brugakmens
Broken sawn cobblestone
plests zagets brugis
Torn sawn pavement
šķelts zāģēts bruģakmens
Broken surface of sawn cobblestone
zagets plests brugis
Sawn torn pavement

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