Granite pavement (video) granīta bruģis

Red broken granite pavement

Broken red granite pavement with burnt surface


Gray broken granite pavement

Broken gray granite pavement 10x10x5 cm


Yellow broken granite pavement

Yellow granite pavement broken (forged)


Dark gray broken granite pavement

Dark gray broken (forged) granite pavement



granīta bruģa piegāde un izkraušana
granite paving delivery and unloading
granīta bruģēšana
granite paving
granīta bruģis cena
granite paving price
granīta bruģis dārza celiņiem taciņām
granite pavement for garden paths, paths
Giljotina granīta bruģim
Guillotine for granite pavement
granīta bruģa piegāde
Granite paving delivery
granīta bruģis 10x20x10 cm
Granite pavement 10x20x10 cm
granīta bruģis 20 cm
Granite pavement 20 cm
granīta bruģis 10 cm
Granite pavement 10 cm
granīta bruģis apmale
Granite pavement and curb

Pavement dimensions

Granite pavement dimensions :

10x10x5 cm (100x100x50 mm);

10x10x8 cm (100x100x80 mm);

10x10x10 cm (100x100x100 mm, 8/11 cm or 9/11 cm);

5x5x5 cm (50x50x50 mm, 4/6 cm);

8x8x8 cm (80x80x80 mm, 7/9 cm);

8x8x15 cm (80x80x150 mm);

15x15x15 cm (150x150x150 mm, 13/16 cm or 14/17 cm);

Several sizes of granite pavement are possible, as well as we produced to order.

The thickness of the broken pavement (h), which is meant for sidewalks, is often 5 cm. When the pavement is glued to the concrete, the thickness can be 3-4 cm.

Cobblestone roads (in the territory of a private house) with cars can be 8 cm (80 mm) thick, but it is better to use 10 cm (100 mm) thick pavement, on which trucks can also drive.