G654 granite tiles with burnt surface G654 tumši pelēks dedzināts granīts

G654 granite tiles with burnt surface

G654 Burnt surface granite tiles are mostly used outdoors. Color: dark gray, gray. Granite tile size: 60×30 cm (600×300 mm), 60×60 cm (600×600 mm), 60×90 cm (600×900 mm), 60×120 cm (600×1200 mm), Stone tile finish 10 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm, 50 mm and to order. The most popular dimensions on the Latvian market would be: 600x600x10 mm (60x60x1 cm), 600x300x10 mm (60x30x1 cm), 600x600x20 mm (60x60x2 cm), 600x300x20 mm (60x30x2 cm), 600x600x30 mm (60x60x3 cm), 600x300x30 mm (60x30x3 cm). Stone tiles with a burnt surface are suitable for outdoor terraces, steps, because they have anti-slip properties (antislip) due to the rough surface. Anti-slip indicator of the floor surface – an essential safety requirement in industrial and public premises. Depending on the application function, the corresponding R (anti-slip) factor is applied.
Stone flooring is a durable material, so it will last a long time. To serve a long time the stone surface must also be cared for. The most popular method is impregnation . After installing the stone tile, the surface must be cleaned of dirt and treated with a impregnation composition that protects the stone covering from grease, acids and other external factors. The impregnation composition can simply protect the stone, but can give it a moisture effect.
In our warehouse in Riga you can buy granite tiles , as well as other stone tiles (marble, travertine). We also did tiling. Stone slabs for the garden (garden slabs) are available.
We work both with private individuals tiling small premises, and with companies delivering and assembling stone tiles within the specified deadlines. You can find out the prices of the tiles by writing to us or by calling.


Granite G654 with burnt surface. Applications: granite terraces , granite steps , granite skirting boards , granite anti-slip tiles and slabs , floor stone tiles for tiling the floor outdoors, granite plinths , granite facades . Granite delivery and tiling .

G654 granite slabs and tiles

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Granite G654 tiles
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