1000x150x300 mm apmales

Dimensions of roads, sidewalks, right, left, lowered curb. Granite curbs drawing Pavement granite edging 100x20x8 cm                       Granite edging (cm) Granite edging (cm) 100x20x8 1000x20x80 100x30x15 1000x300x150 100x15x30 1000x150x300 100x22x15 1000x220x150 100x15x22 1000x150x220 100x20x15 1000x200x150 100x15x20 1000x150x200 100×30/22×15 1000×300/220×150 100×22/30×15 1000x220x/300×150 100x30x20 1000x300x200 100x20x30 1000x200x300 […]

granīta bruģis un plāksnes

The pavement tends to be stone, concrete, clinker, ceramic granite or other types. The latest technologies are used in the production of outdoor coverings. We will consider the best type of stone paving, just for you. The production of stone paving is widespread all over the world, where one of the types of stone can […]

Installation of a ventilated facade made of natural stone

Installation of a ventilated facade made of natural stone.   Ventilated facade – consists of several parts. The supporting frame of the ventilated facade. Aluminum frame, which is attached to the wall of the building with aluminum brackets or stainless steel brackets. The frame consists of vertical and horizontal profiles onto which slabs made of […]