Road granite edging 100x15x30 cm Ceļu granīta apmale 100x15x30 cm

Road curb

Road granite edging 100x15x30 cm.

LVS EN 1343:2013 – Curbs of natural stone for external paving. Requirements and test methods.

Granite curb for roads, sidewalks, streets, exits, bicycle lanes, driveways 1000x150x300 mm (100x15x30 cm) 3/12 cm slope.

Colors: light gray, dark gray (black), red (brown), yellow.

Size: Height 150 mm. Thickness 300 mm. Length 1000 mm.

Material: light granite BL-191 .

Physical and mechanical properties

Indicative laboratory test results:

Parameters to be tested Testing methods Test results
Observed density EN 1936:2006 2640 kg/m3
Open porosity EN 1936:2006 0,97%
Water absorption EN 13755:2008 0,27%
Bending strength under natural conditions EN 12372:2006 11,3 MPa
Flexural strength after 56 freezing / thawing cycles EN 12371:2010 12,1 MPa
EN 12372:2006
Rubbing fastness (sawn) EN 14157:2004 A metode 22,1 mm
Slip resistance (sawn) CEN/TS 16165:2012 SRV „dry”: 78
Annex C SRV „wet”: 64
EN 14231:2003
Compressive strength under natural conditions EN 1926:2006 166 MPa
Compressive strength after 56 freeze / thaw cycles EN 12371:2010 158 MPa
EN 1926:2006
Destructive load EN 13364:2001 2400N
Petrographic description EN 12407:2007 Blasto monconite granite

A stone declaration of conformity (Declaration of Performance) (DoP) is available.

This information is based on our current knowledge of laboratory tests and other sources of information. However, it does not guarantee a specific batch of stone and does not create legal force.