Sawn gray granite paving Dedzināts un pulēts zāģēts granīta bruģakmens

Gray sawn granite pavement

Sawn gray granite paving 10x20x6 cm (100×200 mm h=60 mm).

Gray granite (natural stone) cobblestone with sawn edges and burnt (coarse) surface. Sawn edges allow to reduce seams during paving work, but the sawn and burned surface is flat, but with non-slip properties.

Length 20 cm (200 mm)
Width 10 cm (100 mm)
Thickness 6 cm (60 mm).

Cobblestone sizes may be different upon your request.

Available paving services. Paving prices: the type of paving and the pattern affect the price. A price offer for the costs of granite paving will be provided by the paving supervisor inspecting the object.

Cobblestone pictures

Dedzināts un pulēts zāģēts granīta bruģakmens
Burnt and polished sawn granite cobblestone
Pelēks 6 cm bruģakmens
Gray 6 cm cobblestone
Granīta bruģis pagalms
Granite paving yard
Zāģēts granīta bruģis pelēks
Sawn gray granite pavement

Cobblestone video

Gray granite slab with burnt surface 30×30 cm (300 x 300 mm).