Stone steps pretslīdes rievojums


Stone steps

We offer natural stone (granite, travertine, marble, onyx, slate) steps . The type of step processing depends on where it will be used. Use burnt granite steps outdoors. The burnt surface has anti-slip properties equal to or even greater than R11 anti-slip factor . Indoors, use steps with a sloping or polished surface . You can also use burnt steps inside stairs, but polished and polished steps are not recommended for outdoor use. Due to the smooth surface in wet weather, as well as in winter, the surface of the steps becomes slippery. Steps can be treated with anti-slip chemistry ( anti-slip effect ) as well as stone steps with anti-slip strip .

The thickness of the steps starts from 2 cm (20 mm). The thickness depends on several factors. One of them is the intensity of movement. Typically, stone steps are 2 cm (20 mm), 3 cm (30 mm), 5 cm (50 mm), 6 cm (60 cm) thick. Thicker stone steps are used depending on the type of design and treatment. Because stone steps can also have broken (torn, chiseled) surfaces , edges.

Our company and staff are ready to consult, sell, deliver and assemble, as well as care for stone steps and floors.


Granīta pakāpieni kāpnem
Granite steps for stairs
Granīta pakāpieni ar pretslīdes efektu
Granite steps with anti-slip effect
90 gradu granita pakapiens
90 degree granite step
Akmens āra kāpnes
Stone outdoor stairs
Akmens pretslīdes virsma
Stone anti-slip surface
akmens pakapiens ar metalisku pretslīdes joslu
stone step with a metal anti-slip strip
pretslīdes rievojums
Anti-slip ribbing
Akmens kāpnes pakāpieni trepes lievenis
Stone stairs steps to the stair porch
Sarkani granīta pakāpieni
Red granite steps
trepju pretsļides josla
Stair anti-slip strip
pretslīdes joslas akmens pakāpieniem
Anti-slip strips for stone steps
Tumšs (melns) akmens granīta pakāpieni
Dark (black) stone granite steps
Granīta pakapiens ar pretslīdes efektu
Granite step with anti-slip effect
Pakāpienu un trepju apdari ar dabīgo akmeni
Stairs and stairs with natural stone