Granite tiles G603 Pulētas granīta flīzes G603

Granite tiles G603

Granite tiles G603

Gray natural stone tiles are available from the Riga warehouse or by order.

Types of treatment:

  • Polished granite tiles
  • Polished granite tiles
  • Sawn granite tiles.

Depending on the type of processing granite tiles can be divided according to the purposes of use:

  • Outdoor stone tiles ( floors, stairs, steps, terraces, roads and paths, porches )
  • Indoor stone tiles ( floors, stairs, steps, fireplaces )
  • Stone tiles ( walls, facades, plinths ).

The type of tile treatment, tile thickness, as well as width and length would be the determining factors when designing tile works. Granite tiles with a burnt surface (uneven) are suitable for outdoor use, as they increase adhesion and reduce the possibility of falling. Granite tiles with a polished and polished surface can be used indoors and for vertical surfaces.

Attention: terraces, steps, porches that are tiled with polished stone tiles remain slippery in wet and frosty weather. Especially in winter – when there is fresh snow, so outdoor granite tiles with a rough surface (burned) should be used. Tiles for outdoor porch – only with burnt surface.

Natural stone floor coverings and installation works. We will be happy to help!



Tile pictures

Pulētas granīta flīzes G603
Polished granite tiles G603
Gaiši pelēkas granīta flīzes G603
Light gray granite tiles G603
Āra granīta flīzes lieveņiem un kāpnēm
Outdoor granite tiles for porches and stairs
Dedzinātas granīta flīzes 30 cm
Burnt granite tiles 30 cm
Dedzinātas granīta flīzes 60 cm
Burnt granite tiles 60 cm
Granīta flīze 600x600 mm
Granite tile 600x600 mm
Granīta flīze 60x60 cm
Granite tile 60x60x2 cm
Granīta flīzes 60 cm
Granite tiles 60 cm
Granīta flīzes 120x60 cm
Granite tiles 120x60 cm
Granīta flīzes 400 mm
Granite tiles 400 mm
Granīta flīzes 600 mm
Granite tiles 600 mm
Pulētas granīta flīzes G603
Polished granite tiles G603
Slīpētas granīta flīzes G603
Polished granite tiles gray

Tile dimensions

Most common sizes (length x width x thickness)
30x60x2 cm 300x600x20 mm polished
60x60x2 cm 600x600x20 mm polished
60x90x2 cm 600x900x20 mm polished
30x60x2 cm 300x600x20 mm Burned
60x60x2 cm 600x600x20 mm Burned
60x90x2 cm 600x900x20 mm Burned
30x60x3 cm 300x600x30 mm polished
60x60x3 cm 600x600x30 mm polished
60x90x3 cm 600x900x30 mm polished
30x60x3 cm 300x600x30 mm Burned
60x60x3 cm 600x600x30 mm Burned
60x90x3 cm 600x900x30 mm Burned