White pebbles balti oļi

White pebbles

White pebbles and scopes of application:

  • improvement works,
  • garden design
  • road construction
  • slopes, coast strengthening
  • gabions
  • .


Different fractions are available for white pebbles:

  • 5-12 mm
  • 7-15 mm
  • 15-25 mm
  • 25-40 mm
  • 40-60 mm
  • 60-100 mm.


Depending on the size and purpose of use, you can choose the size of the package:

  • Bags 20-25 kg
  • BIG BAG bag 1000 kg (1 tonne)
  • BIG BAG bag 1500 kg (1 m3).

The weight and volume coefficient of stone pebbles can vary from 1.3 t / m3 to 1.5 / m3. When ordering, the purpose of use must be specified in order to calculate the required quantity.


We will tell you exactly how much your white pebble order will cost when we receive more information about the volume, place of delivery, order execution time. White pebbles are available in our warehouse in Riga, as well as we are able to offer wholesale prices for project implementation.

You can get a price offer for black pebbles by writing us an e-mail. Our contacts.